Imatra Theatre


Graphic Concrete Imatra Theatre

The new theatre building in the centre of Imatra, Finland gave the townspeople a new landmark: a 17-metre tall stage tower made from concrete. A river of 150 drops of Graphic Concrete enlivens the black tower.  The facades on the lower parts of the theatre are of white concrete and the sandwich facade panels of the tower are made of Graphic Concrete with black pigment. The surfaces of these panels were treated with a translucent impregnation system with a darker pigment.

The surfaces of the white concrete facades appear to be alive with varying light and shadow. The surface is patterned with randomly designed folds – an idea imitating the folds of the stage curtain.

Artist Landys Roimola has designed the artwork, called The Drop, and it has been realised on the facade using the Graphic Concrete technique. The theme was a natural choice, with water and the rapids known as the symbols of the town of Imatra. The concrete drops form an entity which from a distance appears like a river on two walls of the theatre.

The 150 concrete drops depict 40 different images related to theatre, from an amphitheatre to a theatre ticket. The background of the artwork, i.e. the facades of the stage tower, are also Graphic Concrete structures repeating the drop pattern designed by Roimola.

Architecture: Imatran Arkkitehtuuritoimisto
Color: Dark
Pattern: Designer's own
Design: Landys Roimola
Developer: Imatran YH-Rakennuttaja
Prefabrication: me Joutsenon Elementti
Address: Kallenkuja 3
Type: Public Building
Year: 2017
Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio

Graphic Concrete Imatra Theatre
Graphic Concrete Imatra Theatre

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