Falun Travel Center


graphic concrete falun travel center

The Falun Travel Center is an important addition to the changes that have been made to the city’s southern center and its public transportation hub.

The new terminal combines both train and bus services while also creating a connection between the city and regional transportation.

The entrance to the terminal serves as a link between the old train station and the new bus station. Three of the patterns are Modhir Ahmed’s free graphic interpretations of Falun as a world heritage site, three represent photographs taken by photographer Olle Norling of Falun’s UNESCO World Heritage Site buildings, and three are taken directly from the international world heritage list.

Architecture: Sweco Architects, Falun
Color: Light
Pattern: Designer's own
Prefabrication: Strängbetong AB
Address: Slaggvarpsvägen, Falun, Sweden
Type: Infrastructure and Non-Building Structures
Year: 2015
Photo: Tim Meier

graphic concrete falun travel center

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